Anne from Kenya

When we heard about Anne, our hearts were broken. An orphan, she was living with her elderly grandmother who had no job or resources. They depended on food from neighbours, but they usually went to bed hungry. A local doctor who works with us noticed her condition and immediately alerted Kids Alive, begging us to take her in. Anne arrived on the verge of death. Weak, malnourished, and with open wounds all over her body, she could not stand by herself or speak. We quickly worked to get her medical attention to save her life.

It has been a long journey for Anne, but after consistent medical care, nutritious food, trauma counselling, and lots of love, her life has been transformed. Her health is good, and she is full of energy. She is beautiful, well disciplined, and driven, and is at the top of her class in school. We have always had hope for Anne, but we are so thankful that she now has hope for her future as well and plans to study to be a nurse. What a joy to see such a rescue and restoration in this sweet young lady.

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