Benjamin from Zambia

Like most of the children in our home, Benjamin experienced loss and pain at a young age. He never knew his father, and when he was just a toddler his mother and grandparents died. Some relatives from his mother’s side took him in but he was neglected and physically abused until someone intervened. In 2005, at the age of three, he was brought to Kids Alive. We gave him a safe place to live, healthy food, and acceptance. And though he thrived in our care, he was lonely when other boys would go to visit relatives during holidays, as he didn’t know any of his family.

Benjamin is now a hard-working, humble young man who loves God. Now in 11th grade, he is a successful student and plans to become an accountant one day. He says he wants to use his skills to make a difference in his community for the glory of God.

What a wonderful surprise it was when we located several relatives from his mother’s side who began to build a relationship with Benjamin! Now that he has a sense of belonging and identity, he is happier and more confident walking into his future as an adult, and we’re confident that he will be a change-maker in his community and country.

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