Briselda and Amalia from Guatemala

Our work in Guatemala brings us face to face with stories of terrible trauma and pain, and sisters Briselda and Amalia were no exception. When they were young, their mother left them unattended while she worked, and several local men took notice and began abusing them.

Eventually they were taken to a children’s home, but the trauma of their experiences led them to act out through tantrums and manipulative behaviours. The home knew about our work and asked for help. A transfer was arranged and a judge ordered that they be moved to Oasis for specialized care. We knew the road ahead would be hard, but we committed to giving them the acceptance and tools they needed to begin to heal.

What a difference in their lives today! They have both successfully advanced in their schooling, learned to tackle hardships, and put their faith in Jesus. It’s also a joy for us to see a change in their mother, as she accepted Christ and realized the devastation done in their family. Our staff worked with her to rebuild her life and then build a healthy home environment.

Seeing Briselda and Amalia finally reunited with their mother was a beautiful gift. God is at work here, even in seemingly impossible situations!

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