Daniel from Zambia

When we first met Daniel he was four years old. His father had died and his mother was struggling to raise Daniel on her own. For a time, he was enrolled in a preschool programme, but without money for tuition and uniforms he could no longer attend. The future did not look bright for him without access to education and lacking other basic resources like nutritious food. But in 2015, his mother heard about Misisi Care Center and asked if she could bring her son.

His years in our programme have made a big difference in his life. He gets healthy meals before and after school, extra tutoring, and spiritual enrichment classes. Currently in 3rd grade, Daniel is excelling in his local school and his grades are all above average. He has a thriving spiritual life, consistently attending church every Sunday. This young man is an example of what can happen when God breaks in, restoring hope to a seemingly hopeless situation.

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