David from Lebanon

When David first came to Dar El Awlad home in 2019, he was shy, thin, and very sensitive. He is the child of an Ethiopian mother and Syrian father, but his father left before he was born. Without resources to adequately provide for her son, his mother was living in one room with 10 other women, where David didn’t have a bed. He didn’t play with other children or even go outside much, a terrible life for a six-year old boy. Eventually, we were alerted to the desperate circumstances and accepted him into our home.

It took some time for him to adjust to being around other children, sleeping in his own bed, and playing games outside. Being in the classroom was also difficult for him at first, as he struggled to focus. Over time and with consistent care, David is doing much better socially, academically, and emotionally. We were recently able to obtain his official identity papers, which will allow him to receive a school certificate every year. Healing doesn’t happen quickly, but we are committed to walking this journey with him, showing him that there is hope for the future.

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