Dominican Republic Projects

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south, this lush tropical island is home to beautiful beaches, exotic mountain ranges, and vibrant culture. Yet the country is deeply divided between the very rich and the impoverished, with more than 40% of the population living in extreme poverty. The state of public education here is poor, with improperly trained teachers, inadequate facilities, and only 60% of kids completing a basic primary education.

Kids here are at risk of malnourishment, under-education, forced labour, and, in the case of young girls, early “marriage” and teenage pregnancy.A good education is crucial in breaking the cycle of poverty and our seven schools give some of the most vulnerable children here a real chance to achieve this. Holistic care is our goal, and along with education, we care for the physical, emotional and spiritual health of every child we serve.

Our 13 family-style homes on three geographically dispersed campuses offer a loving place for orphaned or abandoned kids to grow and thrive. As with all of our projects, we are committed to strengthening families with training and support. With nearly 300 staff members, most of whom are Dominican nationals, Kids Alive DR serves more than 2,200 children. Our work here is fruitful!

Every meal we serve, every lesson we teach, every family we support is possible only through the faithfulness of our donors and the power of the Holy Spirit. And it is through this power that the lives of vulnerable children in Dominican Republic can and will be transformed.

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