Dominican Republic Projects

Despite its idyllic setting, the Dominican Republic (DR) is one of the world’s worst countries for a child to be raised, especially in certain hotspot regions. Many children are brought up in communities of extreme poverty, violence, sexual perversion, drug abuse, child marriage, child labour, crime and more. 

To make matters worse, the education system has collapsed, with the DR consistently being ranked at the bottom of all measured South American education tables - by a long way. Indeed, it is estimated that only 53% of children in the DR make it to year 8.

Our work in the DR centres around seven schools, all located in some of the most difficult areas and all providing an excellent ‘holistic education’ to about 2,000 children, This includes trauma care, emotional support, family support and strengthening, food and nutrition support, life skills, sport and so much more. All in a loving Christian environment.

The schools are backed up by three residential support programmes for those children who have no home, as we seek to reintegrate them back into a family. We also have an ‘Independent Living’ programme to help our young adults transition to adult life, including further education.

Our vision is to see these kids become leaders in their community and help transform their much troubled but beautiful country.

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