Haiti Projects

Haiti is a beautiful Caribbean nation, sharing the island of Hispaniola with Dominican Republic to its east. The tropical climate, lovely coastline, and lush mountain regions stand in contrast to the poverty and instability facing Haitians. Even 10 years after the massive earthquake that struck the nation, the effects are still being felt, with children particularly vulnerable.

Infant mortality is very high, half of Haitian children are not attending primary school, and 65% of the population lives below the poverty line. Kids here are at high risk for forced labour, trafficking, and sexual violence. These realities fuel our passion to rescue vulnerable children who are in danger of abuse and exploitation.

At our Haiti Children’s Village and Haiti Kids Alive School, we serve nearly 200 children, some in residential care and others receiving educational support. For orphaned or abandoned kids, we providing them with the tools they need to begin healing from past trauma. And because education is the most reliable path out of poverty, we offer quality academics to kids who would otherwise not be enrolled in school.

Despite country-wide challenges, we have recently succeeded in repairing or upgrading facilities and transportation and are thankful to better serve the kids in our care. Our weekend food program was reinstated, ensuring that community kids won’t go hungry when they aren’t in school. And our tutoring programme is helping students who might otherwise fall behind to keep up with their grade level.

Even as we look around at the immense need in Haiti, we see evidence that God is at work. Through His power and the generous support of our donors, we will continue reaching precious children who desperately need our help.

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