Kenya Projects

Kenya, in east Africa, is plagued by endemic poverty, extreme drought, and the HIV/AIDS crisis. Half of the population live on less than £1.60 per day, with Kenyan children being especially vulnerable to forced labour, abuse, and exploitation. 25% of girls marry before they are adults.

For a country to escape poverty, its children must be educated, yet nearly one-third of children here do not attend school.

Education is a kay part of our work in Kenya, including our Hall Mead School with 350 children regularly attending; our Independent Living Programme, to help children in further education; and our Simba Scholars, which enable some of the poorest children to attend school.

In our four residential homes, we provide a safe, loving place to live for 180 orphaned, abandoned, or abused children. Some were rescued from traumatic circumstances and most are HIV positive. Our house parents work to provide a family atmosphere for each child, giving them the time, space, and resources to heal.

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