Lebanon Projects

As ongoing tensions in the middle east persist, especially the terrible civil war that has so devastated Syria, millions of refugees have poured into Lebanon. Many have fled the violence and chaos of war, having had no time to even pack or prepare themselves. Many arrive with only a handful of possessions. Few are entitled to state support and the majority end up in refugee camps.

All of the refugee children are behind with their education, with many having received no education at all. With many having no rights, they are often denied access to local schools. More recently, a catastrophic economic collapse has only compounded the situation out there.

Our work in Lebanon brings compassion, education, care and love to some of these refugee children through four main projects, including our Oasis Care Centre, which provides specific and intensive educational support to Syrian refugees; and our Dar el Awlad School which provides a tailor-made education for 75 of the neighbourhood’s most vulnerable children, including refugees.

Our work here is primarily with refugee children and families. At the Dar El Awlad home, we rescue kids as young as four who have been through difficult life circumstances, offering them nourishment, education, and a safe, loving place to live.

Our school gives children a quality education that can help them break out of the cycle of poverty and gain independence. Since Syrian kids often can’t enrol in public schools, the DEA School is their only hope. We also offer non-formal educational enrichment to community kids at the Oasis Refugee Centre. And at our New Horizons Centre, we serve those considered outcasts living on the margins of society.

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