Zambia Projects

Zambia ranks as one of the poorest nations in the world, with the vast majority of the population living below the poverty line, especially in rural areas. More than one million are HIV positive, infant mortality is extremely high, and hundreds of thousands of children have lost their parents. Violence against girls and women is particularly bad, with 44% of adolescent girls having been a victim of violence, with negligible recourse to justice, trauma care or social support. Many girls are married off so they can be fed.

Our work in Zambia is centred in some of the most difficult places in the country, where only the worst cases are referred to us.

  • Our Care and Justice project cares for child victims of sexual assault, whilst advocating for systems change and reform.
  • In Zambia, if a mum of an under 5 child is sent to prison, their child often goes with them. With conditions being very poor, our Babies in Prison project helps care for these children, ministers to their mums, and advocates for reform. 
  • Our school in the fragile and impoverished Mongu region, provides an education, food, family support and more to about 525 of the community's most vulnerable children, as well as family strengthening and livelihood programmes. 
  • Our care centre in the Misisi slums of Lusaka provides after school care, food and education to extremely poor children and their families in one the poorest slums near Lusaka.
  • And our Lilato and Chikondi residential centres provide short-term emergency residential care for some of the worst cases referred to us by these projects, as well as local authorities, schools and communities. 
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