Ark Jaraboca Residential Support Centre


Ark Jaraboca Residential Support Centre

Provides residential support for about 40 of the region's most vulnerable children, providing all round holistic care as we aim to reintegrate them back into families. The programme also supports 10 graduates as they transition to adult living.

Ark Jarabacoa provides emergency residential support for about 40 of the region's most vulnerable children - the abandoned, abused, neglected or bereaved. As we try to integrate them back into a loving family, they live in family-style homes, cared for holistically by our dedicated staff. Not only are their immediate physical needs met, but they receive a quality education, emotional support, and spiritual training.

The Ark also supports 10 young adult graduates who live in transition homes or with families in the local community.

We received a perfect score on our last evaluation from the Dominican government and we continue to benefit from a good relationship with local child protective services. 

As we go forward, we will continue development of our independence initiatives for youth preparing to graduate from our residential programme. In the words of our Country Director, “The Ark is a paradise for kids who have come from hard places. We love the physical beauty of the site but more importantly the spiritual healing and growth that blossoms over time.”

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