Constanza School and Residential Centre


Constanza School and Residential Centre

A wonderful school serving nearly 200 pupils from the nearby impoverished community, as well as offering residential care to a further 40 who have been abandoned, orphaned, or where it is not safe for them to return home.

In the valley town of Constanza, poverty is rife and the education system is poor. As in many areas of extreme poverty, a feeling of hopelessness pervades.  Our school and home stand as beacons of hope to many needy and vulnerable children there.

In family-style homes, 40 children and youth who were orphaned or abandoned have found a safe, loving place to grow and thrive. And our school functions as a second home to 190 vulnerable students from the local community.

Our school is formally recognised by the government, offering a wide range of subjects and state-recognised syllabuses. We also operate soccer and baseball programmes with over 150 participants, an after-school English programme and a secondary school discipleship club.

As with all of our school and residential projects, we offer so much more than education. Our mission is to care for our precious children holistically, addressing their physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs. All our employees on both campuses have been trained in specific techniques to better connect with children who have experienced trauma in their lives, notably those who have suffered neglect and/or physical or sexual abuse.

As we move forward we continue to improve our trauma care programme, as well as develop better ways to prepare our older children for independence when they leave our programme. Through God’s grace, the seeds we plant now will reap great fruit in the lives of these precious kids.

“God has assembled a world-class team of workers in this small mountainous community,” shares Country Director Vic Trautwein, “and He is using them to transform many lives for his glory.”

Constanza School: A story of hope

Alex’s story (name changed to protect privacy)

Alex came to Constanza School when he was just three years old. His mother heard about our programme and asked if he could attend. When he first arrived, he was malnourished, his teeth were in terrible shape, and he was aggressive toward his peers. The living conditions in his home were not good, and we knew that this was a major factor in his health and emotional well-being.

These days, Alex barely resembles the child who first came to us. After years of medical attention, nutritional support, and psychological care, his life has improved dramatically. He is physically healthy, his dental health has improved, and he arrives at school each day with a joyful attitude.

He is progressing well academically and is a leader among his classmates. Instead of being aggressive, he is now cooperative and affectionate. These changes have been possible because God is at work in our school, using us to bring light into the lives of precious kids like Alex!

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