Emergency supplemental food in Lebanon


Emergency supplemental food in Lebanon

Refugee children in Lebanon live in homes where they have little to eat, and food, when available, is too expensive for their parents to buy due to exploding inflation. This gift provides a basic kit of non-perishable foods for children and their families, helping to keep them healthy during these stressful times.

What Do I Get?

Not only will you have a fantastic feeling of knowing you've helped some of the worlds most vulnerable children, but you'll also get a card that you can keep for yourself or give to the person you've bought this gift on behalf of. 

Your card will include details of the gift that you've purchased, with the 'To' area blank for you to add the recipient's name yourself. 

We dispatch your card to the address that you provide. Then we send your gift to the kids in need and you will be part of something special - giving a child the opportunity to turn their life around. 

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