The Andahuaylas Centre


The Andahuaylas Centre

Based in the beautiful but very needy town of Andahuaylas in the Andes, we provide educational support, trauma informed care, general life skills and a lot of love to some of the region's most vulnerable children and their families.

The town of Andahuaylas is nestled in the Andes Mountains and, despite the obvious beauty, there is rampant poverty and abuse. Most people have no electricity or running water, alcoholism is common, and rates of infant and maternal mortality are high. Teen pregnancy is also common because of unchecked abuse in extended families.

With a lack of access to education, much of the population is illiterate. Children who want to attend school either travel long distances and several hours each day, or spend weekdays in the city away from their families – which makes them a target for exploitation.

Our Care Centre serves some of the poorest and most vulnerable of these children to come and receive additional tutoring, food, mentoring, counselling, general life skills and lots of love. We are finding that trauma counselling is becoming more and more important, especially for victims of sexual abuse.

For about 10 of the most vulnerable children, including some who have been completely abandoned, we provide full-time residential love and care, while we work hard to integrate the child back into a family.  

The Centre is also used to advocate for system reform and to better protect and care for vulnerable children, while also raising awareness, especially about violence towards children.

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