Haiti Children's Village


Haiti Children's Village

This residential facility serves up to 70 of the region’s most vulnerable children, who also attend our school. As well as having a great education, we also want them to be equipped socially and emotionally to overcome the many hardships they face and embrace the future with confidence.

Haiti is still reeling from a terrible earthquake in 2010 where many children were orphaned and now live in abject poverty, often completely abandoned. Our Children’s Village is a vibrant ministry to these orphans and vulnerable children in the coastal city of Cap Haitien.

We currently have 67 children on our campus of family-style homes, offering safety, stability, and Christian nurture. Many of our kids still feel the effects of the 2010 earthquake and we are helping them rediscover hope for the future. Our goal is to equip them physically, spiritually, and emotionally to overcome tremendous hardships and walk confidently into their futures.

Education is a key component of breaking the cycles of poverty and violence plaguing this country, and all of our children here also attend the Kids Alive School nearby.

We pray that God will continue to work mightily in their lives and thank Him and our wonderful supporters for the provision they have given us to continue in our work.

Haiti Children’s Village: A story of hope

Meet Stanley (name changed to protect privacy)

Stanley is one of the many children who came to Kids Alive after being orphaned following the devastating 2010 earthquake. But he didn’t let the tragedy hold him back from succeeding, and he quickly threw himself into his education. Intelligent and motivated, he loves coming to school, always gets good grades and is often top of the class.

Stanley’s discipline extends to responsibilities in the Kids Alive home, where he is respectful and looks for ways to help. One of Stanley’s passions is studying languages and he hopes to eventually go to university to earn a degree in linguistics. Everything we have seen makes us sure he will succeed, and we are excited to watch what God does in this young man’s life as he walks into adulthood.

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