Haiti Crisis Appeal

For some of Haiti's most vulnerable children

As Haiti continues to descend into chaos, please can you support our work there, as we try to continue serving some of its most vulnerable children?  We especially need funds to help us stock up on emergency food supplies and fuel.

Your donation will make a huge difference, no matter how small.

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Haiti Crisis Appeal

Here’s what your donation can do

If you give £15

£15 provides emergency weekend food parcels for half a term

The children are so poor they won’t be fed at weekends. Your donation will enable us to do this for one child for half a term.

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If you give £30

£30 provides nearly half a tank of fuel

We urgently need fuel to help us get our staff to and from work while avoiding the main roads, which violent gangs now control.

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If you give £50

£50 is enough to provide free meals to a child for half a term

Even before the crisis started, keeping children fed is a key part of our work. Your donation will enable us to continue to do this.

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As you have no doubt heard in the news, the situation in Haiti continues to go from bad to worse, with the country descending into chaos.

Armed violent gangs now control 80% of the capital city, Port au Prince, and have even stormed two main prisons, releasing nearly 4,000 inmates. They now control the country’s main airport, as the police and armed forces are no longer able to cope or resist. 

We are desperately trying to keep our school and residential support centre going in the Cap-Haitien region further north. Here we provide loving Christian care and ‘holistic education’ to 300 or so of Haiti’s most impoverished and vulnerable children, as well as their families.

Meet Charline from Haiti

Charline's father passed away shortly after she was born. Overwhelmed and unable to care for her, her mother placed her in foster care when she was three years old. Raised in a foster family that practiced voodoo rituals and witchcraft, Charline developed a profound fear of evil spirits.

However, Charline's life took a positive turn when she began first grade at Kids Alive. It was there that she encountered Christ, drawn by the compassionate prayers and biblical teachings of the staff. Embracing her newfound faith, Charline was baptised and flourished in God's grace, despite the challenges of her non-Christian homelife.

Now in her first year of college, Charline actively participates in her local church, contributing to the youth choir and youth group, and sharing the message of God's Word.

We are grateful for the transformative power of a godly education!

Heart-breaking information from the World Bank

“A child born today in Haiti will grow up to be only 45% percent as productive as they could be if he or she had enjoyed full access to quality education and healthcare.  

Over one-fifth of children (in Haiti) are at risk of cognitive and physical limitations, and only 78% of 15-year-olds will survive to age 60.”

Four reasons why malnourishment is so damaging

The reason we focus so much on food provision at our school is that malnourishment can have dire long-term consequences for children.

  • Malnourishment causes permanent stunted growth.
  • It also causes permanent impeded brain development.
  • It hinders concentration capabilities.
  • It causes behavioural issues such as irritability and anxiety.
  • Thanks to your support, we can keep the children at our school nourished and healthy

Thanks to your support, we can keep the children at our school nourished and healthy. 

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea..."  Psalm 46:1-2

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