Hall Mead School


Hall Mead School

Hall Mead provides an outstanding education to about 570 impoverished children in one of Kenya's most fragile regions. Many have lost at least one parent. 25% of the pupils are HIV positive. Girls are especially at risk of child marriage and all are at risk of child labour, typically having to work in the local quarries.

In the Karundas and Kiganjo rural communities of southern Kenya, there are high numbers of children performing manual labour just to survive, especially in the quarries. These children are often the main breadwinners for entire family units. Desperate to survive, they sometimes wander into our school in search of a meal or help for a dying relative.

Our goal is to offer them much more than the meal they were seeking. In addition to a quality education, we offer holistic care through a nutritional food programme, counselling, and spiritual enrichment to about 570 of the region’s most vulnerable children.

Our vision is to be a centre of excellence by adopting a curriculum that caters for all students’ potential, crafting individual learning experiences, and strengthening families.

Hall Mead alumni have gone on to graduate from high school, universities, and vocational institutions, earning a living that supports their families and enriches their communities. The county government has recognised Hall Mead School for its quality education. Because it is highly regarded, our school was identified as one to measure other schools against, and teachers are now sent to our school to learn how to improve.

If it wasn't for Hall Mead, many of the children would be working full-time in the local quarries. 

25% of the pupils are HIV positive. Our team ensures they are well cared for. 

A key part of our work is to strengthen families, so they are better placed to care for their children. 

Hall Mead provides 3 meals a day, otherwise the children simply wouldn't be fed. 

Hall Mead is recognised by the authorities as one of the best schools in the entire region. 

Hall Mead School: A story of hope

Meet Harriet (name changed to protect privacy)

If you saw Harriet today, you wouldn’t recognize her as the same girl who came to us nine years ago. She is the youngest of three, born to a single mother who herself had no education and earned very little doing menial jobs. With their mother often absent trying to earn money, the children were home unattended with no food to eat. Someone in the community took notice of the desperate situation and a case study was done. It was clear that Harriet was a vulnerable child who needed assistance, and we enrolled her in the Hall Mead school.

When she arrived, she was weak, emotionally distressed, and fearful of everything. And because she hadn’t attended school, she was significantly behind her peers academically. Through regular nutritious meals, emotional support, and remedial academic programs, Harriet became a different person. She is now a confident and responsible 14-year-old and is one of our most promising students.

Her health is vastly improved, and she has experienced emotional healing. We thank God for using us in her story!

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