Juniper Tree Residential Support Centre, Lima


Juniper Tree Residential Support Centre, Lima

This project provides short term residential care and support to about 25 extremely vulnerable children, as we aim to integrate them back into a safe and loving family. All receive loving care, trauma counselling, education support, food, and more.

Juniper Tree Children´s Home is located in Pachacamac, on the southern outskirts of Lima. Here we provide a safe place for about 20-30 extremely vulnerable children referred to us by the local authorities or through our Oasis project at nearby Manchay

These are some of the most difficult cases we deal with in Peru and so our care includes specialist trauma counselling, a lot of love, education support, all while we work with the authorities to integrate the child back into a loving family, preferably their own one. 

Our team travel to meet with biological and extended families, supporting them in their efforts to better care for their children, and assesses ongoing safety and home health.

It has been a real joy to see so many children move from our care into flourishing and loving families.

The Family Mentoring Programme

This project also pioneered our ‘Family Mentoring Programme’, where couples from local churches come in and spend time with the children, or take them out on trips. The idea is to give the child a flavour of normal family life, which can sometimes lead to full-time fostering. Watch our video about it here

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