Karundas Community Hope Centre


Karundas Community Hope Centre

Our Karundas Community Hope Centre provides hope and support to vulnerable children and their families in one of Kenya's poorest regions. Here, many children are so poor that they have to go to work to be fed, typically in the local quarries. No school. No education. No childhood.

The Karundas Community Hope Centre is about a three hours drive north of the capital city of Nairobi. In this impoverished region many destitute children have no choice but to work long, mind-numbing hours, often in the nearby quarries. All live in abject poverty having lost at least one parent, with 1 in 4 being HIV positive. Girls are especially at risk of child marriage. Things are so bad that suicide rates are some of the highest in the country.

Set next to our Hall Mead School, Our Community Hope Centre serves about 150 of the community's most vulnerable children, as well as their families (typically impoverished single mums), including some of the most difficult cases referred to us by the local community, as well as some from Hall Mead itself. 

The project provides educational support for the children, along with family strengthening, parenting skills, trauma counselling, life skills and more, all in a loving Christian environment.

We have recently been invited to sit on the local government-backed council known as a 'baraza', which in turn enables us to build local contacts and influence and train communities and authorities alike, especially around caring better for their vulnerable children. 

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