Kenya food appeal

Can you help us feed the children at our Hall Mead School? Any gift, large or small will help us provide them with at least one nourishing meal a day. These kids are being equipped to break the cycle of poverty, disease and hopelessness and walk the road to a brighter future.

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Kenya Food Appeal

Despite being one of the most modern countries in Africa, Kenya is home to many children who are vulnerable to hunger, disease and exploitation, and a lack of adequate medical care and education. 

Many of the children at our Hall Mead School are so poor that we have to provide at least one nourishing meal a day, or else many will have to work so they can be fed (usually in the nearby dangerous quarries). Just about all of them have lost at least one parent. 1 in 4 is HIV positive. All live in abject poverty.

Hall Mead is a highly recognised school serving 500 impoverished children who would otherwise be working in the local quarries. We provide an excellent education as well as holistic care through nutritional food, trauma counselling and family support.

You can help us feed our kids in Kenya by giving to our Kenya Food Appeal

Child labour in dangerous quarries may seem abhorrent to us in the UK, but if you’re an impoverished child in Kenya, it may be the only option you have if you want to be fed.

This is why our Hall Mead School programme provides at least one meal a day for the children we serve, all of whom have been admitted due to their vulnerability.

A lot of the food we provide comes from our own-grown crops from our nearby farm projects.  The prolonged droughts earlier in 2023 meant that we were not able to produce as much food as we needed (the same drought that was partially responsible for our own recent food shortages here in the UK). 

Your money will certainly go a long way, as each nourishing meal only costs 23p!

“…and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.” Isaiah 58: 10

The impact of Hall Mead on Mary and her two girls

When Mary lost her husband in a tragic but all too frequent accident at the quarries in the Karundas region of Kenya, she was already heavily pregnant with her second daughter.  Thrown out of the home by her in-laws, destitute she went to live with her impoverished widowed mum who had a small shack, some chickens and a goat to provide a livelihood.

Even when she was heavily pregnant, Mary had no choice but to work in the quarries which had taken her husband’s life. From dawn until dusk she would be there in the blistering heat, chipping away at rocks to make aggregate stones and ensure that her two young daughters were fed.

Fortunately, Kids Alive came across her and admitted the two girls into our Hall Mead school, where they not only received an excellent education and nourishing meals every day, but also love, care and family support.  What a transformation it has been, as the girls are both doing very well, and are now healthy, happy, thriving young ladies.

Our wonderful case workers, Grace and Elizabeth visit the family regularly, providing professional input and care, not to mention prayer and spiritual support. In particular, they are working with Mary to establish a small business for her so that she no longer has to work in the quarries.

Please pray with us that the Lord will continue to bless this lovely family and that Mary will no longer have to work in the quarries; and that her daughters continue to excel at school.

Some of our projects in Kenya

The quarry children of Karundas

A lot of our work in Kenya is based in the HIV-ravaged Karundas region, where poverty is so bad that many children work long and mind-numbing hours in the quarries.

We work hard to strengthen their families (usually impoverished widows or grandmothers), so they are able to get out of the poverty trap and their children can go to school.

The amazing Hall Mead School

This remarkable project provides an excellent primary school education to 500 of the most vulnerable quarry children. About 25% have HIV and almost all have lost at least one parent.

As well as a great education, the children receive free meals each day, family strengthening, trauma care and counselling, Bible studies, life skills and more. The school is also used as a base to reach out to the quarry families.

Children from the slums of Kibera (pilot project)

With nearly half of Nairobi’s population living in a slum, child abuse and neglect is rampant. We would like to establish the best way of serving the slums’ most vulnerable children, so we have recently started to reach out to some of them and their families. Our support includes encouraging the children to stay in school, family strengthening, trauma care, Bible study and Christian outreach and so much more.

You can help us feed our kids in Kenya by giving to our Kenya Food Appeal

“May He defend the afflicted among the people and save the children of the needy; may He crush the oppressor.”  Psalm 72:4 

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