Urgent Appeal

For children in the slums of Kenya

Your kind gift can provide emergency food, help us get children back to school, provide trauma counselling, parenting skills and above all, enable us to integrate vulnerable families into local churches.

Your donation will make a huge difference, no matter how small.

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Urgent appeal for children in the slums of Kenya

For a gift of just £13, you can make Mary’s life just a little more bearable by providing food and support for her children.

Mary is a single mum living in a small shack in the middle of Kenya’s largest slum, Kibera. She fled her partner because he was violent and beat her children, forcing them to sleep on the street and verbally abusing them. Crammed in a tiny shack, she shares one bed with all five of her children.

When we visited Mary and her children in October of 2023, we could not believe what conditions they lived in, nor the lack of hope that seemed to pervade their lives, as well as many others in the slums.

Your kind gift can provide emergency food, help get the children back to school, provide trauma counselling, parenting skills and above all, pray with them and integrate them into our local partner churches.

We were struck at the trauma they had all been through at the hands of their cruel step-father, especially the oldest one, 15 year old Nala (name changed for privacy). Children like Nala have seen, heard and experienced things which no child should go through. But with your support, we can provide practical, emotional and spiritual support to her and the rest of her family, so they can re-build their lives and their self-confidence.

We were also struck at how children in the slums are unable to go to school, mainly because they can’t afford the uniforms and text books they must buy. We saw so many just hanging around the slum streets with nothing to do or live for.

There are currently many other families in the Kibera slums who are being guided by Kids Alive to bring them to gradual wholeness.

Money goes a long way in the slums. Here are some examples of what your donation can do to support our work from the Community Hope Centre

If you give £13

£13 can help provide initial food supplies

Many children in the Kibera slums are malnourished, which can lead to permanent impeded brain and body development. Your gift of £13 will help us to provide a family with nutritional food supplies.

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If you give £26

£26 can help provide school textbooks

Buying school text books and supplies is one of the main barriers stopping poor kids in the slums going to school. Your gift of £26 will enable us to buy an initial supply for one child, and help them get back to school.

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If you give £48

£48 can help provide dignity packs for older girls

Older girls are especially prone to drop out of school in the slums. A key reason is a lack of sanitary goods. Your gift of £48 will enable us to provide dignity packs for the older girls in our care.

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If you give £94

£94 can help us provide trauma care

Severe trauma can affect the emotional well-being of a child for life if not dealt with. Your gift of £94 will help us fund a series of therapy sessions for a traumatised child, using one of our specialist therapists.

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If you give £200

£200 can provide a good supply of Bibles

Even we have been amazed at how open the families are to the Gospel, especially the Mums. Your donation will enable us to provide many of them with a Bible.

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If you give £6,000

£6,000 can help us furnish the Centre and provide computers

One of our biggest needs is furniture for the Hope Centre and some computers (many of the folk living in the slums have never even seen a computer never mind used one!). If your church is doing a fundraiser this Christmas, please bear us in mind.

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About the Hope Centre

Located in the middle of Nairobi’s three main slums, our Community Hope Centre provides a base where we can reach out to these families (it was provided to us by a local partner church which is also based there). Here we serve some of the most vulnerable families, where the children can come and have fun, learn about Jesus, receive education support, love and Christian care.

Giving hope in the slums of Nairobi

About 2.5 million people live in Nairobi’s three main slums. Crammed in squalid living conditions, most live in extreme poverty without any access to basic services such as electricity or water. Unemployment rates are high with many living with HIV. Drug abuse is prevalent, typically as a means to ‘numb’ life itself.

Older girls are especially vulnerable

60% of families are led by single women, many teenagers, often abused and then abandoned by their father or husband, as indeed their mothers were. For those who actually attend school, many drop out, especially girls of a menstrual age. Unsurprisingly, poor mental health is a real issue, especially amongst adolescents.

It is amongst all of this that Mary and her family need your help. But not only Mary. There are currently 20 or so other families in the Kibera slums who your support will directly impact.

Thank you for your kindness and compassion.

Please donate today

“May He defend the afflicted among the people and save the children of the needy…” Psalm 72: 4

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