Kids Alive Boys' Centre


Kids Alive Boys' Centre

Our Centre provides residential care for up to 52 vulnerable boys, as we try to reintegrate them back into their own family, or in foster care. Most are HIV-positive and came to us orphaned and/or severely neglected, a number of them having been rescued from the streets.

At Kids Alive Boys’ Home, 52 boys have a safe, loving place to live. Most of our boys are HIV-positive and came to us orphaned and/or severely neglected. Often rescued from a life on the streets, they have experienced trauma of all kinds and need help to heal.

We offer holistic care, attending to their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, as well as giving extra support to boys with special needs. Education is the most vital component of breaking the cycle of poverty prevalent here, so our boys attend a local public school. Our staff of 17 also work with children who live in the local community, giving six girls and 35 boys resources such as healthy food and emotional support.

Not only do we provide them with an excellent education, but we also build their life skills and well-being by getting them to take part in sports, music and various farming activities (especially dairy farming).

Crucially, we work with the local government to try and identify their original families and provide support as they carefully build relationships with them. Not only is this important culturally for purposes of self-identity, but also helps them fit back into their communities.

The Centre also provides a community programme, ensuring additional vulnerable children from the surrounding communities are given an education. We want to serve as many children as we can through this excellent facility!

Kids Alive Boys’ Centre: A story of hope

George’s story (name changed to protect privacy)

George was living with his mentally challenged mother and not attending school when we heard about his story from the local government office. His mother would walk around the community with him, begging for food or exposing him to danger in unsavoury environments. Lacking proper shelter, sanitation, education, and nutrition, George was unhealthy and underweight.

A local leader approached Kids Alive with a request for our social worker to visit the mother and find out how we could help. A joint decision was made to bring him into our home due to the desperate circumstances.

Now he is receiving regular nutritious meals, has regained weight, and is more active. He is enrolled in a local school where the teachers are working hard to bridge his educational gaps and catch him up to his peers. It’s so good to see George smile these days, because there wasn’t much to smile about before he came to the Boys’ Home.

Good health, emotional support, and a quality education will give him a chance to break out of poverty and make a difference in his community.

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