Urgent Lebanon Refugee Appeal

Your donation will be doubled!

Help give specialist catch-up education to impoverished Syrian refugees in Lebanon who have NEVER been to school. A generous Christian foundation will double your donation.

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Urgent Lebanon Refugee Education Appeal

For every £10 you give us, we receive £20, £25 if you are able to Gift Aid! 

Your money will go directly towards impoverished and traumatised Syrian refugee children like Rania* who have received NO education whatsoever. Rania spent most of her childhood cooped in a one room apartment with her sister, two brothers and her parents. Traumatised by war, upheaval and living in a stressed family environment caused by poverty, she urgently needs your support. 

Please be assured that your donation will go a long way, especially as all donations will be doubled by a generous Christian foundation until April 30th 2024, including Gift Aid. 

For example, if you were to give £20, it will be doubled to £40, which is enough to provide a month's worth of meals for Rania at our Oasis project in Lebanon, easing the burden on her family to feed her and allowing Rania the education she has missed out on. *(Name changed to protect privacy)

Rania's childhood was marked by war, displacement and poverty. She lived with her sister, two brothers and her parents in a one room apartment that lacked basic facilities.

They had escaped from Syria on foot, crossing the mountains for two days until they reached Lebanon. There, they faced no state support or schooling rights. Rania spent most of her time in the apartment, where her father worked as a janitor for a meager income.

Rania's parents were unable to care about her education. They wanted to find her a husband as soon as possible to reduce their expenses. But Rania had a different dream and a thirst for knowledge. She joined our Oasis programme, where she pursued her education despite being much older than some of the other students.

 Your support can help us provide specialist catch up education and care for Rania and others like her.

If you give £20

£20 provides a meal a day for a month

The children are so poor that they come to us underfed. Your donation when doubled will enable us to provide a meal a day for about a month. Your donation becomes £40 when doubled and £50 if Gift Aided.

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If you give £40

£40 provides transport to and from our school for a year

One of the key barriers to getting to school is transport. Your donation when doubled will enable us to fund fuel to get a child to and from school for a whole year. Your donation becomes £80 when doubled and £100 if Gift Aided!

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If you give £100

£100 provides basic annual healthcare for 6 kids

The children have no access to basic health and dental care. Your donation when doubled will enable us to provide this for 6 vulnerable children. Your donation becomes £200 when doubled and £250 if Gift Aided!

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For every £1 you give us, we will receive £2.50 with Gift Aid or £2 without Gift Aid

For 75 years, we have been helping vulnerable children like Rania in Lebanon, mainly through our Dar El Awlad Centre in Beirut. Our school, which serves about 180 students, has focused on Syrian refugees for the last decade or so.

We created the Oasis programme for those who have never received any education, with the goal of preparing them to enter school, even if they are years behind.

Every year, we support 40 or so of these children in one of our most difficult but rewarding projects. We provide them with catch-up education in English, Arabic, maths, science and Bible studies, as well as emotional support and trauma counselling.

It is no easy task teaching 40 or so children like Rania who have had no education. Imagine taking a class where the children’s age range is 5 to 15!

  • They have never learnt how to behave at school, or indeed with other kids.
  • Most have suffered trauma.
  • Like Rania, just about all of them live in stressed family situations, cramped in one room.
  • Their minds are not used to learning and need a lot of adjustment.
  • They get little support at home, as most of their mums are illiterate. 

Amina's passion for school

Meet Amina* (name changed to protect privacy)

Eleven year old Amina was only one year old when she fled from war in her home country with her family. They moved to Lebanon, where education is not free and in high demand. Her family couldn't afford to send her to school, so she helped her father instead. He worked as a construction worker, but his work was irregular and scarce. Their living conditions deteriorated due to the situation in Lebanon. They rented a room near the school, where they all lived together in one space.

In 2021, Amina was working on a construction site when the director of Kids Alive Lebanon noticed her.  She was approached and offered a chance to go to school. Amina eagerly accepted and joined the Oasis programme. Amina had never experienced a school setting before, so she felt strange at first. However, the teachers and the staff supported her and commended her courage. Amina began to thrive. She learned how to read and write and put in a lot of effort to master English, a foreign language that was unfamiliar to her. Amina was older than her classmates, but that did not deter her from attending school every day. Amina showed remarkable progress and maintained unwavering dedication.

"The best part is hearing about God and learning about Jesus. I can't wait to hear more about Him" Amina said.

Amina devoted a lot of time to prayer, praying for her family, for her success in the programme and her transition to a regular classroom. She had a specific goal of moving to Grade 2 and joining a regular class with peers of her age. Her main focus was her studies, and she even wrote prayers on her arm as a reminder to study and advance.

 “Because she had to work at a young age and in a tough environment, she is a very responsible student who takes initiative to help the teacher as well as her peers. She is the classroom’s leader and support" her teacher commented.

At the end of the academic year, Amina sincerely expressed her gratitude to her teachers and appreciated all their efforts to help her. After a year of diligent learning, Amina improved her skills to a level where she was ready to join a regular school. This year, she happily enrolled in Grade 2 with her fellow students and we believe she will continue to excel in her studies. "I am so happy now that I come to school."

“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” Mark 9:27

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