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For as little as £7 a month you can have a long-term impact on some of the world’s most vulnerable children. It’s amazing how far your money can go – just look at these examples! 

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Give monthly and have long-term impact

£7 a month

Would fund free meals for a child at our school in Kenya, helping to prevent them having to work in the nearby quarries.

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£15 a month 

Is enough to fund toys, nappies and basic hygiene products for a baby or toddler being raised in a Zambian prison.

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£25 a month

Is enough to sponsor an impoverished Syrian refugee child in Lebanon though school with bi-annual updates. You can even write to the child yourself. 

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£50 a month

Will help us fund trauma care support for a highly traumatised child victim of sexual assault at our Oasis project in Guatemala.  

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We are so grateful for regular monthly donations, no matter how large or small. They enable us to plan and commit to projects, knowing that funding is there.

By donating monthly, you empower our teams on the frontline to serve some of the world's most vulnerable children effectively and with ongoing loving care. 

  • Money goes a long way in all of the countries where we work. 
  • So even a small monthly amount can make a tremendous difference. 
  • You'd be surprised how much regular giving adds up to as time goes by. For example, £7 a month over 5 years is a staggering £420 (£504 with Gift Aid). 
  • That's enough to fund a vulnerable impoverished girl in rural Zambia to go to our school there for 2 years! Including  daily nourishing food to help prevent her from having to work or be married off!

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“You, Lord, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry, defending the fatherless and the oppressed…” 

Psalm 10: 17-18

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