Mitaboni Children's Home


Mitaboni Children's Home

Mitaboni Children’s Home shelters up to 50 children from extremely difficult backgrounds, as we try to reintegrate them back into a family or into foster care. They come to us on the verge of starvation needing urgent medical care, having received no meaningful education.

In our Mitaboni Children’s Home, we shelter 25 girls and 28 boys who were either orphaned, abandoned, or rescued from abusive environments. Most of them came to us on the verge of starvation, needing urgent medical care, not to mention emotional support to help them get over past trauma. Not one of them had received any meaningful education.

At Mitaboni, our loving house parents work to create a holistic, family-style environment where the children feel safe and accepted. All 12 of our staff have been trained in basic trauma-competent care skills, enabling them to better help the kids work through their past experiences. We find this is crucial if they are going to thrive in whatever environment they find themselves in.

While residential care is often needed – especially in the season directly after the child has been rescued - the best place for a child is with their biological family. So part of our programme is to seek ways to make that happen when it is safe and wise. Our Families Together programme is currently walking alongside 10 local families, offering them the support and resources to keep the family together and strengthened.

As with all of our projects in Kenya, we try to make Mitaboni self-sustaining, and we are always developing our on-site farming projects, including tomatoes, maize, pumpkins, potatoes, bananas and coffee. We also use these projects to reach out to other needy children in the local community.

We rejoice at the continued academic success of our students and the spiritual growth we see, with some of the older ones starting to lead worship, and the younger ones attending Sunday school classes.

Mitaboni Children’s Home: A story of hope

Robert’s story (name changed to protect privacy)

Before he came to us, Robert was living with his single, mentally challenged mother and three siblings. His mother’s struggles meant they had no income and they typically depended on neighbours to give them food. Robert wasn’t attending school, was usually hungry, and in bad health.

He arrived at Mitaboni malnourished, nervous, and suffering from skin rashes and ringworm. Immediately he began receiving healthy meals and medical attention and was finally enrolled in school.

What a difference we see in this young man! He is flourishing at school and hopes to go to vocational school when he graduates from our programme. His health has greatly improved, as has his confidence. Now he will stand up in front of a group, ready to lead devotions or sing praise songs, and he enjoys singing in the church choir.

His teacher says that he has grown into a responsible young man who is determined to achieve his goals, and we can’t wait to see what God will do in his life.

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