Nyamarambe Children's Home


Nyamarambe Children's Home

Our Home serves up to 30 vulnerable children from the local community, many having been rescued from traumatic cult abuse or having been orphaned or abandoned. All have experienced trauma, so we work carefully with them as we aim to reintegrate them back into a safe family.

Nyamarambe Children’s Home serves vulnerable children from the local community, many having been orphaned or abandoned by the HIV/AIDS crisis. All have experienced trauma, but now have a safe, enriching home, with loving house parents who work hard to create a family environment.

Nyamarambe is the smallest of our homes in Kenya, caring for 30 children between the ages of 3 and 18 in two separate houses. Because many of them were rescued from traumatic cult abuse, we believe it is important to keep the home sizes as small as possible.

Our goal is to give kids the tools they need to begin physical and emotional healing. We want to keep children with biological family if possible, and our Families Together program is currently supporting eight of our children here. From parent training to physical resources, we offer tangible support to families who desire to create a loving, safe home for their own children.

Sadly, it is often a struggle to integrate these kids back into their communities, since they are considered outcasts after their abusive pasts. But with hard work and encouragement, we have seen families and relationships restored in many cases, and we will continue those efforts. Above all, these children need to learn about the love and healing that comes only from knowing and serving Jesus.

Nyamarambe Children’s Home: A story of hope

Charlotte’s story (name changed to protect privacy)

The fruit of hope…

Like so many of the children that come to Nyamarambe, Charlotte suffered loss at a young age. Several years ago, both her parents died, leaving her in the care of an ageing grandmother. The situation was unstable, with no adequate resources or income, and Kids Alive was asked to intervene.

Charlotte came to our home when she was seven years old, and was given a loving, safe place to begin to heal from all she had experienced. Her life has been transformed in the three years since she became part of our family. Not only is she progressing well in her academics, but she is also responsible and full of joy. Most importantly, she trusts in Jesus as her hope of salvation, and helps lead praise and worship during devotions.

Charlotte’s story highlights the need for our work here in Kenya, offering hope in hopeless situations. We look forward to watching her future unfold.

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