Oasis Care Centre


Oasis Care Centre

A day centre that provides specialist catch up education to vulnerable and impoverished Syrian refugee children aged 6-13, most of whom have NEVER received an education. Plus food, life skills, trauma informed care, family support, Bible classes, arts and sports. The kids love coming along!

Overwhelmed with the number of refugees, schools in Lebanon often refuse Syrian children. Our work at Oasis Refugee Centre serves as a bridge for some of the most desperate kids, all from very poor families and often living in condemned houses. Regardless of their status, children denied an education lack the tools they need to escape a life of poverty, violence, and exploitation.

The kids at Oasis range in age from 6-13, and our curriculum includes basic math, English, Arabic, life skills, art, and sports. Most of our students have never attended any formal school and need intense academic help. The goal is to integrate as many as possible into our Dar El Awlad School when they are prepared and when there is room.

More recently we have added daily meals and professional counselling support for the children, many of whom have suffered trauma.

At Oasis, we are passionate about being a safe place where precious kids feel loved and accepted, no matter what their background or religion.

Oasis Care Centre: A story of hope

Meet Ali (name changed to protect privacy)

Ali is from Syria and his family recently fled to Lebanon. When they first tried to leave the country, his father was put in prison, but they managed to escape after he was released. A few weeks after they arrived, we met Ali and asked if he would like to join our programme.

He was 10 years old but had never attended school. His clothes were in terrible shape and he was ashamed because of a skin condition that was left untreated. Eventually, he returned with his mother asking if he could come and learn at Oasis.

After he began classes, we had a doctor look at his skin issues and provide needed medicine. We noticed that when the condition began to improve, Ali opened up more and started making friends at the centre. Recently, our staff visited the family and provided them with mattresses, blankets, and other supplies, and we were able to have a time of prayer together.

We are watching Ali become more comfortable in our programme, as he works through the trauma he experienced and sets goals for his academic progress. We are excited to see God work in his life, bringing peace, joy, and restoration.

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