Park School and Care Centre, Caraballo


Park School and Care Centre, Caraballo

This wonderful primary school offers an excellent education for nearly 200 impoverished children in a fragile region of extreme poverty and violence. 80% are Haitian immigrants, struggling to navigate life in a different country where they do not speak the language.

Our Park School and Care Centre are located in an impoverished community populated with Dominicans and Haitians. They serve as an oasis for over 200 of the region’s neediest and most vulnerable children and youth.

The school offers a basic education for children up to age 11. The Care Centre focuses on a secondary school discipleship programme, to keep us connected with our former students and make sure they continue to flourish once they have left our primary school. For most of these students, a quality education wouldn’t be possible without the ministry of Kids Alive in their community.

As with all of our schools, we provide 'holistic education', which includes food, basic medical care, family strengthening, Christian input and more. We also provide trauma care and counselling for the many children we serve who have suffered trauma, especially the abandoned, neglected, abused, bereaved and those who have suffered upheaval (especially the Haitian immigrants). 

God’s love truly overflows in our community here as we continue our mission to care for these kids holistically, planting seeds in faith for the future. As He works through us, lives are being changed and families strengthened.

Park School and Care Centre, Caraballo: A story of hope

Meet Daria (name changed to protect privacy)

Daria was born with very poor eyesight and is now legally blind. Life is hard enough for an average child in this impoverished community, and disability only makes it harder. Attending the Park School is such a blessing for her, as she has been embraced and accepted. She benefits in many ways from the holistic care and has formed great relationships with her classmates and her teachers.

Intelligent, extroverted, and affectionate, Daria doesn’t let her struggles hold her back, and she is already learning to use a Braille machine we recently obtained. She says she wants to go to university one day and study to become an elementary teacher. We’re confident that she will reach her goals and make a difference in her family and community, serving as an example to kids who start out with so many disadvantages and need someone to walk the long road to independence with them.

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