Santo Domingo East School


Santo Domingo East School

A wonderful primary school for about 200 of the region’s most impoverished and vulnerable children, with an after school sports programme serving 80 children. The school provides a range of holistic care, including free food, trauma informed care and counselling, basic medical care, and dental treatment.

Known to locals as “Jesus in the Children School,” the Santo Domingo East school is a centre of love and attention for over 200 kids. Our basic education programme offers quality academic instruction through to year 5 (aged 10), and our after-school sports programme has grown to serve more than 80 children.

In addition to education, our holistic care includes nutritious meals, after-school enrichment, medical and dental care, and counselling. Counselling has proven to be especially effective given the levels of trauma many of these children have been through.

More recently we have received government recognition as an accredited school, which allows us to extend our work up until year 6 (end of primary school). Our first computer lab is finished, allowing our students broader educational access.

Country Director Vic Trautwein says, “I am amazed at God’s mighty provision every time I visit this school as I remember when the project began in a carport of a rented home. God has transformed the site over the last eight years into a beautiful 12-classroom school that serves as an oasis of His love and holy ground that changes the lives of students, staff and visitors.”

Santo Domingo East School: A story of hope

Meet Lucas (name changed to protect privacy)

Lucas was brought to our school because he faced difficult circumstances at home. His single mother was forced to leave Venezuela due to political persecution and is trying to survive as a refugee in Dominican Republic. She works long hours trying to provide for her family’s needs, often leaving Lucas with friends or neighbours so he won’t be alone while she’s gone.

It’s been a blessing or him to be part of our school, where he is receiving a solid, Christ-centred education, healthy food, and the attention he needs as he grows. We are thrilled to watch as Lucas thrives at Santo Domingo East. He has fully embraced both academic learning and the lessons about Jesus.

After a recent discipleship program, he went home and explained one of the lessons to a caregiver, or “tia.” He told her about how Christ died on the cross for each of us, and she became so interested that she asked to borrow his Bible so she could read more about it. In addition to growing in spiritual knowledge, Lucas enjoys playing on our school’s soccer team.

We trust that God is at work in his life, and we are excited to see what’s in store for his future!

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