Santo Domingo North School and Care Centre


Santo Domingo North School and Care Centre

Based in an impoverished part of Puerto Plata, this programme provides an excellent education to 220 of the community’s most impoverished and vulnerable children. It is especially strong at introducing children to IT and more recently has taken on a trained trauma informed counsellor to help the many children who have suffered trauma.

Santo Domingo North, known locally as MIANCERG, serves 240 children in an impoverished, isolated community in the capital city of Santo Domingo. Most of these children would not have any access to education without the ministry of Kids Alive, and we know that education is a vital component of breaking the cycle of poverty that is so prevalent here.

We offer a basic academic curriculum in core subjects such as language and maths. More recently we have added a lunch programme for our most undernourished children, as well as recruiting a Christian counsellor to help kids who are struggling emotionally. Given the level of trauma many of these children have been through, this is proving to be particularly effective.

We have also been working hard to increase our students’ knowledge and grasp of computers and IT in general. This is a really encouraging part of our work and one which is having a great impact on the children’s future prospects.

All of this is only possible through God’s anointing and blessing, not to mention the kindness and generosity of our supporters. 

Santo Domingo North School and Care Centre: A story of hope

Meet Josephine (name changed to protect privacy)

Most of us can’t imagine going years without the most basic care and adequate nutrition, and the toll taken on a child who lacks these things can be long-lasting. Josephine lived in a situation where there was never enough food, and during her early years in our programme she would arrive lacking energy and rarely smiling.

We know how important nutrition is to physical health and educational progress, which made it hard to see her struggling. We were finally able to add a full lunch programme for all our students several months ago, and it didn’t take long to see the change in Josephine. This tiny girl quickly grew two inches, her skin dramatically improved in appearance, and she has a bright smile that won’t stop.

Now we have the challenge of finding her new clothes because she has outgrown all of hers! Because of our supporters’ generous giving that allowed us to offer just one meal a day, Josephine’s life has changed.

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