Source of Hope School


Source of Hope School

Provides an excellent education to 200 impoverished and vulnerable children, as well as food, family support, trauma informed care and life skills. The school is also used to administer medical care to 1,200 of the poorest in the community.

The town of Zapote sits at the base of the active volcano Fuego, which experienced its most recent eruption in June 2018. In this remote region, poverty is rampant, child abuse and forced child labour are common, and there is little access to education. The added fear since the eruption only fuels the sense of despair and hopelessness felt by so many.

From meagre beginnings with a small group of pre-schoolers, Source of Hope School now offers 200 kids a quality, Christ-centred education, a vital part of breaking out of a life of poverty. We strive to care for each child holistically, so we also offer nutritious meals, health services, and other needed resources.

Our ministry is planting seeds that we believe will reap great fruit in the lives of these precious children, including our discipleship groups.

We also use the school as a base for two medical teams and members of the community to serve over 1,200 people requiring medical care each year

With God’s provision, we hope to honour him in all we do and look to Him as our “Source of Hope”!

Source of Hope School: A story of hope

Monica’s story (name changed to protect privacy)

Monica is a 17-year-old girl in our programme. Her family is very poor, and for a while her father was working in America and sending money back to Guatemala. Eventually he returned, but he was murdered when Monica was just 10. Not only was the family emotionally devastated, but they were without financial support and faced bleak prospects for the future.

Seeking help, her mother decided to begin attending a local church and she then enrolled the children at Source of Hope. Last year, every member of Monica’s family professed faith in Christ.

Because of the quality education Monica received, she was able to graduate from Year 9 in our programme. But her goals didn’t end there. Because of her hard work, she has received donor support through the Independence Fund scholarship to continue with higher education.

Monica’s future now looks drastically different than it did for a little girl coping with poverty and the loss of her father – she will have the education and tools she needs to succeed and make a difference in her family, community, and world.

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