The Misisi Care Centre


The Misisi Care Centre

This remarkable after school centre set in the slums of Lusaka, provides up to 25 of the area’s most vulnerable children with crucial education support, food, family support, life skills, Bible classes and more.

Misisi is an ‘unplanned settlement’ in the slums of Lusaka, with negligible infrastructure. Crime is rife, sanitation poor, resources for education are scarce - many young orphans end up as breadwinners living on the street. Even non-orphans lack adequate nutrition and other basic resources. Few attend school and those who do are hindered by lack of food, encouragement, uniform and school materials.

Our Care Centre provides up to 25 children with daily nutritious meals, help with their education, emotional support (including trauma-based counselling), supplies needed to attend school, life skills, and so much more.

We are encouraged by the transformation we have seen in many of the children’s lives who come to the Care Centre. And to the impact it has had on their wider families, who we often speak to and offer various aspects of advice.

School attendance has increased significantly and academic performance has improved. The children have clearly grown in self-esteem and confidence, as their life skills also improve. Their families have also come to trust and value the support we provide, as we empower them to live their lives to the fullest in extremely difficult circumstances.

Misisi Care Centre: A story of hope

Meet Daniel (name changed to protect privacy)

When we first met Daniel he was four years old. His father had died and his mother was struggling to raise him on her own. Without money for tuition and uniforms he could not attend a local school. The future did not look bright for him without access to education and other basic resources like nutritious food. But his mother heard about Misisi Care Center and asked if she could bring her son.

His years in our programme have made a big difference in his life. He gets healthy meals before and after school, extra tutoring, and spiritual enrichment classes. Daniel is excelling in his local school and his grades are all above average. He has a thriving spiritual life, consistently attending church every Sunday.

This young man is an example of what can happen when God breaks in, restoring hope to a seemingly hopeless situation.

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