The Orchard Residential Support Centre, Pucallpa


The Orchard Residential Support Centre, Pucallpa

This project provides short term residential care and support to about 10 extremely vulnerable children, as we aim to integrate them back into a safe and loving family. All receive loving care, trauma counselling, education support, food, and more.

Our Orchard Residential Centre provides a safe place for children who have either lost their parents through bereavement, have been abandoned, or are not safe in their own homes. We currently have about 10 boys and girls cared for by two sets of house parents who provide a family-style atmosphere while the kids begin to heal from past trauma. 

These kids include some of the most difficult cases we deal with in Peru and so our care includes specialist trauma care, a lot of love, education support, all while we work with the authorities to integrate the child back into a loving family. This team travels to meet with biological and extended families, supports them in their efforts to better care for their children, and assesses ongoing safety and home health.

More recently we have been sharing our trauma training with organisations and government agencies, so even vulnerable children who are not in our care can benefit from the work God has called us to do. God is at work here, and we pray that the seeds we are sewing in these precious children at the Orchard will continue to bear fruit!

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