The Orchard Children's Home


The Orchard Children's Home

Provides a 2 year residential programme for 10 extremely vulnerable children, including the abandoned, neglected or abused, most of whom it is unsafe to return to their home. We provide trauma informed care and counselling and aim to reintegrate the child back into a safe family.

Orchard Children’s Home provides a safe place for children who were either orphaned, abandoned, or not safe in their own homes. We currently have 10 boys and girls cared for by two sets of house parents who provide a family-style atmosphere while the kids begin to heal from past trauma. And because a child’s greatest hope for healing is found in a relationship with Christ, we want everything we do at the Orchard to be “Kingdom-like,” reflecting the love of God to these precious kids.

Children should be with family if possible, and the Peruvian government has decreed that children should not be in institutional care for more than two years, so we are emphasizing connection with families. We have a full-time psychologist and social worker, both fully trained as trauma-competent caregivers. This team travels to meet with biological and extended families, supports them in their efforts to better care for their children, and assesses ongoing safety and home health.

More recently we have been sharing our trauma training with organisations and government agencies, so even vulnerable children who are not in our care can benefit from the work God has called us to do. God is at work here, and we pray that the seeds we are sewing in these precious children at the Orchard will continue to bear fruit!

The Orchard Children’s Home: A story of hope

Diego’s story (name changed to protect privacy)

As with so many children in this community, Diego came from an unstable home where abuse was “normal.” He was badly abused by his mother until he was finally rescued and came to live at the Orchard when he was nine.

Because of his experiences, he was full of anger and hate. We realised he needed intense help and unconditional love in order to begin healing from his pain. Through the practice of trauma-competent care and with love shown to him by his house parents, we began to see a change in Diego.

When he began to feel safe in our care, he learned to use words instead of violence to communicate. He made connections with safe adults, particularly his house dad, and started being a leader for other boys in the home. One blessing has been to see him rescue hurt kittens or puppies, nursing them back to health. Even his grades have improved, and his teacher commended him for his hard work as he graduated from primary school. Starting high school this year will bring new challenges for him, but with the skills he has been learning, we believe he will do well and emerge as a leader there, too.

Seeing God’s work in Diego’s life encourages us to continue our work, giving hope to hurting children.

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