Urgent appeal
for child victims of sexual assault in Zambia

Child sex abuse is endemic in Zambia with an average victim age of only 12. These young girls need your help urgently.

Your donation will provide care for victims and justice for perpetrators and enable us to address this issue once and for all.

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Zambia Care and Justice Appeal

In Zambia, many believe that having sex with a child will cure them of HIV

Child sex abuse in Zambia is endemic. It is culturally acceptable in many places with inadequate systems and legal frameworks to help prevent it, or to support the victims. Thousands of girls are affected, with many not being believed by their families or with any recourse to justice.  

You can help us change this by giving to our Care and Justice appeal.

We want to run a pilot scheme to provide care for the victims and pursue justice for the perpetrators. We will use our ‘Chikondi’ facilities to do this, where our teams will provide loving care for the victims, including trauma counselling, a lot of love and prayer, and family reintegration or fostering.

Your support will also enable us to work with the police, courts and the authorities to pursue justice, where all key parties will use our centre to work together. Crucially, they will also work together to advocate for systems change, such as child-friendly courtrooms and more effective handling of initial allegations. This model has worked especially well in Guatemala.

Your support will enable us to address this issue once and for all. 

Here’s what your donation can do

If you give


£38 will provide an initial medical assessment for a victim

Crucial to providing physical care for the victim, as well as vital evidence to pursue justice. 

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If you give


£128 will provide a trauma-informed programme for a child

Your donation will equip our carers to help a severely traumatised child.

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If you give


£263 provides a comprehensive family evaluation programme

Enables us to evaluate and train a loving family to care for the child, including ongoing monitoring.

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Every £1 you give will help enable us to address this issue once and for all. And if you Gift Aid, that will be included too.

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Heart-breaking insights
from our research

  • Many men in Zambia believe that having sex with a child will cure them of HIV Aids.
  • Some victims received goats or chickens as compensation because their parents gave up on the painfully slow justice system. 
  • Other victims were thrown out of their homes for being 'troublemakers' when reporting the crime.
  • In one survey, 33% of men do not consider having sex with a child as 'bad' as long as others do not find out and it is within the wider family or community. 
  • In another survey, 43% of Zambian girls aged 13-17 have experienced one or more forms of violence.
  • Just about all victims have all sorts of long-term physical and psychological issues. 
  • There are no facilities to care for the emotional trauma suffered by child victims.
  • Only 12% of reported cases end up with a successful prosecution.

“May He defend the afflicted among the people and save the children of the needy; may He crush the oppressor.” 

Psalm 72:4 

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