Donation Policy

1. How much of my donation goes directly towards the field work of Kids Alive?

In all cases where a donation is made towards a specific project or country that we work in, we allocate 80% of that donation to the respective project. The remaining 20% is allocated to general purposes, including fundraising costs (which in turn generate more funds for our work).

For example, if a donor gives us £10 towards an appeal or to a specific project, we will allocate £8 of it to that appeal or project and use the £2 for general purposes. Likewise, if a supporter sponsors a child, say, at our school in Lebanon, 80% of those donations will be paid directly to the school.

If a supporter does not specify where they would like their donation to be used, we will allocate it to general purposes and/or where the need is greatest. 

2. What if I want more than 80% of my donation to be allocated to a project or country?

Just let us know by email at the time of donating and we will be delighted to allocate whatever % you would like. 

3. How do I know how my donation will be used?

Every month we allocate each donation to one of the 40 or so projects that we run across the seven countries we operate in. Information about each of these projects can be found on our website here, which in turn provides a good flavour of what your donation will be spent on.  

Please note, the global Kids Alive partnership has robust processes to monitor the progress of each of these projects, including regular meetings with our local in-country directors and update reports we receive from them. 

We use this information to send out 2-3 emails each month to our supporters to keep them up to date of progress,  as well as any prayer or funding requests we may have. These are supplemented by regular posts on our Facebook account.

Finally, you can also download and view our latest annual report and accounts from the Charity Commission website. This not only includes an annual update about our finances, but also information about what we do and how we do it. 

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