Ishmael from Kenya

Meet Ishmael*

Ishmael was living with his parents when he was brought to our attention by the local government office 2 years ago after his father had been physically injured and hospitalised. By God’s grace, he was discharged after several months in hospital, but relies on others to take care of him and support his needs due to being able to communicate by use of eye movement only. The care required for Ishmael’s father brought heavy demands to his mother, who is the main caregiver to both her husband and her son. Ishmael’s mother struggled to provide meals, send him to school, and even nurture him. His health deteriorated fast, and he dropped out of school.

The local administration office raised the matter to Kids Alive, and Ishmael was immediately enrolled into Kids Alive Hall Mead school in Kenya. Ishmael was physically weak when he started attending our school but has responded very well to medical service and nutrition and has not missed a day of school since schools resumed in 2021. We also support Ishmael and his family through the provision of food baskets outside of school to ensure they maintain stability and meet their physical needs.

The family has received therapy from the school therapist, and plans are underway to link Ishmael’s mother to community support groups for financial independence, especially to meet their nutritional needs. The support group has worked with her to ensure she can be properly engaged in the programme while also meeting her husband’s needs. We hope she will benefit more through this community support group. Ishmael had also been emotionally distressed and very anxious in class because he soon realised he was enrolled in a class lower than his age bracket. The teachers are working hard to bridge the education gap so that he can catch up with his peers. However, class reports show that Ishmael has grown in confidence and is very optimistic about life. He contributes a lot in his spiritual nurture group sessions. We are pleased to witness the amazing healing God has done for Ishmael.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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