Jad and Salem in Lebanon

Restoring a broken home in Lebanon

Two young brothers, *Jad and *Salem, were left to roam the streets of Lebanon without food, proper clothes, or schooling. Their Lebanese father and Ethiopian mother were not married, causing citizenship status issues for the boys. The father's drug addiction led to violent outbursts, prompting the mother to flee and leaving the children to fend for themselves during each episode. In 2022, the juvenile court placed the boys in Kids Alive Lebanon's residential programme.

Initially, Jad and Salem struggled to adjust, displaying aggression and uncooperativeness. However, Kids Alive Lebanon's trauma-responsive team created a welcoming environment, prioritising the boys' physical, mental, educational, and spiritual needs.

The boys gradually softened, felt safe, and grew healthier in the loving atmosphere. Meanwhile, the father entered a rehabilitation programme, and the Kids Alive team located the mother to inform her that her boys were safe and doing well. Kids Alive is also working with both parents to help them heal. They plan to marry and create a loving environment for their children. Your support made this positive outcome possible.

*Names changed for privacy

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