Kriskelly from Kenya

Fourteen years with Kids Alive

Kriskelly came to Kids Alive in 2009 when he was ten years old after suffering abuse from a violent stepfather. The mother divorced the man, but she was too ill to care for Kriskelly.

We enrolled him in Hall Mead School, where he received better nutrition and an education. Kriskelly also participated in devotions that introduced him to the God of the Bible. He spent the next fourteen years with us. The years of love, care, trauma therapy, and spiritual education helped stabilise him.

Today, Kriskelly is back with his mother, who lives nearby. He’s in the eleventh grade at a local school and plans to become a lawyer.

Staff encouraged his mother to use her knitting skills to earn a sustainable living. She makes beautiful clothes for adults and children. We are still working with them to ensure their success.

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