Makuya from Zambia

Soaring above the challenges

Makuya comes from a poor family consisting of his mother and four siblings. His mom barely scrapes by as a hairdresser. When Makuya was five, she couldn’t afford to put him in regular school because the fees were too high. That’s when he came to Kids Alive Academy.

He’s excelled with us since day one. Over the last five years, Makuya has become an excellent reader, writer, and volleyball player. He also loves to draw. He’s so good at it that he competed at the National Level in the fine arts category.

“I like learning at this school because I get to learn how to use computers, how to paint in my art classes, playing soccer and volleyball with friends, and the meals we get every day make me enjoy coming to school even more,” says Mukaya.

Makuya’s academic performance is consistently above average, ranking among the highest in his class. He’s also an example of good Christian behavior. Makuya’s teachers testify to his upright conduct, virtuous manners, proactiveness, and diligence in managing the school library. As a result, he became the 2023 Kids Alive Academy Library School Prefect, an award for students who set good academic and behavioural examples.

Makuya soars above the challenges that would plunge those without resources. The 12-year-old aspires to become a doctor.

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