Mary from Kenya

Abandoned in the slums of Nairobi

Your support enables us to have life-changing impacts for vulnerable children like Mary*, who was abandoned in the slums of Nairobi in Kenya by her parents when she was little because of her poor eyesight. This had been caused by the after-effects of meningitis when she was only 4.

Her loving grandma raised her but given the abject poverty she lives in, did not have the means to get medical support. By the time Mary was 14, her  condition was desperate and she was on the verge of blindness and really struggling at school.

Fortunately her school in the Nairobi slums partners with our Community Hope Centre and they referred her to us.

*Name changed to protect privacy

In Spring 2024 our team took her to an eye specialist and bought her some glasses, all funded by our supporters. What an amazing difference they have made!  We now need to wait and see how Mary's eyes respond to the glasses and it may well be that she needs an operation on her weaker eye. We will keep you posted.

Our team are also providing emotional, educational and spiritual support to Mary from our Hope Centre, as she still bears traumatic scars from being abandoned, as well as practical support and prayers for her grandma.

So please be assured that your prayers, financial support and encouragement are making a huge difference to Mary and many other vulnerable children around the world.

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