Nancy from Kenya

Meet Nancy*

Nancy lost her mother when she was 2 years old. Her father was traumatised by her mother’s passing; the effect of this trauma led to Nancy being neglected. Nancy’s paternal grandparents intervened and ensured her paternal uncle took good care of her.

Sadly, in 2020, Nancy’s uncle passed away due to COVID related illnesses. The loss and grief took a toll on her grandparents, resulting in health concerns for them and less attention for Nancy. Nancy grew weak, was malnourished, withdrawn, and not attending school. Nancy was led to us by the Social Worker and was immediately enrolled into Kids Alive Hall Mead school in Kenya. She has received appropriate medical attention and has been responding very well to both medical treatments and good nutrition at the school.

Kids Alive Kenya are also supporting Nancy and her grandparents through the provision of monthly food baskets to ensure that Nancy and her caregivers are maintaining their physical health. Nancy has attended school all year long in 2022. She has shown good progress in her academics and will be proceeding to the next grade in 2023. She has also received emotional therapy through our school therapy office, and is responding very well to self-awareness, healing and emotional stability. Her family has also received a number of therapy sessions to support them in their grieving process.

Nancy is also responding well to being introduced to Jesus, as her questions are a sure indication that she is beginning to embrace the love of Jesus. We plan to provide spiritual mentorship to Nancy and her family in 2023 and, as much as we can, support their earning ability for daily bread. Her teacher commented – ‘What a blessing to see Nancy coming back to life and showing a lot of determination to carry on strong’.

*Name changed to protect privacy

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