A Refuge for Child-Mothers

La Arquilla (The Moses Basket) ministry is growing faster than a newborn baby!

We welcomed our first expectant child mother at the end of 2013, and now have two little families finding refuge in the programme. The past few months have been a flurry of transition:

Repurposing a building to effectively house small families who still need adult supervision, hiring a Guatemalan couple to care for the girls through their pregnancies and into early motherhood, and rounding up everything from diapers to cribs.God has been faithful to provide supplies, staff, and many other startup needs, but we still are still looking for long-term partners for the ministry, to finish what we’ve started! Hospitals, courts, and child services have been informed that the home is open and ready to house child-moms and young girls (10-14 years old) who are pregnant due to abuse.

Other partnering ministries are so excited to hear about our new programme they are trying to transfer girls with their babies from other homes to Oasis. Our programme focuses on healing the child-mom from the affects of severe abuse so that her baby can grow up with a spiritually and emotionally healthy mother. We provide education, parenting skills training, and eventually, a child-development centre for the baby while mom is in school. As with all Oasis girls, each mom receives therapy to help her heal and we will pursue justice in her name so that her abusers will face the consequences for their crimes.

Will you please pray with us?

  • For strength and wisdom for the staff who are caring for the girls through this very unique journey.
  • That God would send us the girls who most need what this new ministry is able to offer.
  • For healthy pregnancies and complication-free births.
  • That these young mothers would grow in their faith and break the cycle of abuse in their families, passing on a legacy life and hope to their children.
  • That God would send the funds needed to continue the ministry we have begun.

Posted on April 24th 2014

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