Arts, crafts and computer skills for impoverished Lebanese children at our New Horizons project in Lebanon

Our New Horizons Centre in southern Lebanon, specialises in providing catch up education for vulnerable and impoverished Lebanese children, many of whom have sadly NEVER been to school. And the Centre does so much more, including life skills, emergency food provision, basic medical care, family support and Bible studies.

Recently a wonderful team from the US came to visit and  added a highlight to the girls' already robust curriculum by offering computer skills, arts and crafts, and Bible lessons.

Our New Horizons Care Centre seeks to transform lives and elevate communities from poverty by providing practical and spiritual support. The community we serve is in south Lebanon, mostly those on the margins of society such as gypsies, Bedouins, and refugees. They typically live in basic tents constructed of plastic, iron, and wood, with limited access to water and electricity. Very few have received any formal education and many are illiterate.

The Centre works with 25 children between the ages of 5-12 providing a basic education – primarily Arabic, English and maths – as well as nutritious snacks, sports and devotions. They absolutely love coming along!

We also work with two partner organisations who help provide basic medical care to people in the community and vocational skills to 18 of the older refugee girls, including micro-enterprise activities. This includes our jewellery-making programme, which gives young women business knowledge and a skill with real income potential.

As we explore ways to further reach out to children here, we remain committed to sharing the love of Christ in ways that will bring hope to those who need to hear they are loved and valued.

Posted on June 15th 2021

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