Church Supports Kenya Medical Clinic

Thanks to the generosity of Ridgeway Church in Chingford, Kids Alive Kenya has benefited from the recent construction of an incinerator for the Karundas Clinic and Dispensary. The incinerator is now being used by the clinic staff to safely and properly dispose of medical waste, and has already been a huge help to the  staff as they provide essential healthcare services to over 350 people per month from the community and 250 children in the Kids Alive Kenya homes.

Patricia, the head nurse and director of the clinic has said “Thank you, thank you to those who provided the funds for our new incinerator. We are very grateful and we are now using it almost every day”.

The four staff members of the Karundas clinic (two nurses, a lab technician and a pharmacist) work tirelessly to lovingly care for the medical needs of the community members and children who visit the clinic. They have also recently begun to serve even more through the “mobile clinic” that they take to remote areas in the interior of Kenya each month. The people reached by the mobile clinic live in areas of the country where medical serviced are not readily available, and, if medical needs arise, some would have to walk for a day or more to reach the nearest hospital. The mobile clinic allows these people to receive the basic services that so many elsewhere in the world take for granted - it truly is saving lives!

The new incinerator is a great blessing, and the staff and children of Kids Alive Kenya wish to say a huge “Asante Sana!” to those who have helped to make this construction  possible!

Ridgeway Church is one of our "Church Partners". Find out more about our partners here.

Posted on April 18th 2012

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