Connecting Children...from the UK to Kenya

The children get to grips with a Kenyan game involving just sticks & stones!

A few months ago Kids Alive International were invited to Chilton Cantelo School to spend a Geography lesson with some Year 4 students.

These students had been learning all about Kenya looking at some of the cultural differences, the landscape and about the lives of the people in Kenya.

Kids Alive International had the privilege to speak with the class on these topics and to introduce them to some of the children we work with in Kenya, and how we help to change their lives.

Trying some Green Gram Stew & Kenyan Tea

As part of the lesson the children compared their lives to that of a child in Kenya looking at many things including:

  • Their daily school routines
  • The difference in our houses & facilities
  • The food and drink they have in Kenya (even trying some Kenyan tea and Green Gram ' Mung Bean' Stew!)
  • The types of games Kenya children might play
  • The climate and land in Kenya
  • We also held a big discussion about what poverty is and how if affects other countries

The children also talked about what they had already learnt and remembered from their other lessons including facts about the Kenyan population both rural and urban.

It was a fantastic afternoon and great to not only see how children in the UK are learning about other parts of the world but also that they recognise how different people's lives could be.

Over Christmas these same students helped their school to raise money for Kids Alive International and other charities by leading a Christingle Service. The pupils organised the service themselves and wrote instructions on how to make a Christingle which was published in the Order of Service. The pupils also decided to produce over 100 Christingles which they presented to friends, family members and teachers in order to raise the funds for their chosen charities.  

With this amazing fundraising idea they donated £384.18 towards helping us to rescue more vulnerable children around the world. Kids Alive International sends a massive thank you to the children and staff at Chilton Cantelo School.

Posted on February 18th 2014

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