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Children at the Kids Alive Care Centre

Matt Parker, Kids Alive International’s Executive Vice President, recently visited one of the Dominican Republic programmes that provides education and care to more than 300 vulnerable children – many from Haiti, trapped by a lack of legal identification papers and by squalid poverty. Matt mentions the challenges facing the care centre ministry:

The poverty that is rife in the local communities, the work of the local witchdoctors who exert their evil control over people’s lives, the horrendous forms of abuse experienced by many children in their own homes…

The staff, which includes three Kids Alive International missionaries, do an amazing job in providing a secure environment for these children to learn, and sharing with them the love that Christ has for them.

But – the task is made harder by well-meaning but ill-informed and wrong actions and attitudes on the part of other organisations working in the area, attitudes which create dependency and a sense of entitlement. To understand more, read Matt’s 7 January 2014 blog here.

Posted on January 7th 2014

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