Five Boys in Zambia

Bringing a smile – bringing hope.

Earlier this year, five boys joined Kids Alive Zambia. Their stories, as much as we’ve been told, are related below, with the names changed for their privacy.

12 year old Christopher arrived at Kids Alive as a missing child, brought by the police department whose information about the boy was sparse, to say the least. However, Christopher has been able to tell his own story about how he strayed to Lusaka from the northern part of Zambia; how, one day he and some friends were playing at the railway station as usual, when the stationary train they were playing on started moving and Christopher didn’t jump off when his friends did! Eventually, the train reached Lusaka, where he lived rough until he was noticed by some passers-by who took him to the police department.

Charlie is 8 years old. He’s a double orphan whose mother died when he was seven months old and was taken in by an aunt who unfortunately could not continue to keep him; her husband did not want to take custody of the child. The aunt was left with no choice but to hand over the child to Social Welfare, who asked Kids Alive Zambia to help.

Keith, 6 years old, was brought in by the police as a missing child. He’s with Kids Alive Zambia for safety and shelter until such time as some of his relatives can be found and his future welfare secured.

The police brought Edward to Kids Alive Zambia. According to the police report, the 6 year old was brought to them by members of the public who had seen the child abandoned at a rented house. It is believed that Edward’s mother deserted her children and left for another town.

Eric is 5 years old and another double orphan who was left in the care of his aged grandfather. The Social Welfare department brought Eric into contact with Kids Alive Zambia, as the family has no source of income and unable to take good care of the child.

Five very young kids. Five precious lives. After a few short weeks within a safe, loving family environment in a Kids Alive Zambia children’s home, they now have something to smile about!

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to share in His work of restoring lives to the wholeness He desires.

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Posted on August 8th 2013

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