Give girls like Mercy a new start this Spring!

She was born as the result of a violent attack on her mother. And before Mercy* was even old enough to understand that nightmare, she had become yet another victim of the same kind of tragedy.

At the tender age of six, Mercy was brought to Karundas Children’s Home in Kenya by local authorities; they asked us to provide a safe home for this sweet girl. They gave us a few details about her life, and slowly we pieced together the rest. Her mentally-challenged mother had been brutally raped, repeatedly, and became pregnant as a result of one of these attacks. She gave birth to Mercy but was completely unable to care for her and had no way to provide even the most basic needs for herself, much less her baby.

Mercy’s grandmother tried to help, but not only could she not protect her own daughter from the attacks of men who saw her as easy prey, the same wicked men began violating her tiny granddaughter… There was no way that Mercy could remain in her home. 

Thankfully, partners like you were there with us on the day we were asked to make a decision about embracing Mercy and folding her into our home.

You were there we prepared a bed and welcoming surroundings for her;

as Mercy sat with a sensitive counsellor, afraid to trust anyone but relieved to finally feel safe;

as her teachers introduced her to a wonderful world of learning and as she made new friends.

And you were there the day she first heard about the God who loves her and would never leave her.   

Every child we care for – those who live with us and those who are able to remain at home – has his or her own story of abuse, poverty, disease, or abandonment. Each one needs a different level of care and a different set of interventions. And each child is grateful for your compassion and for the way you serve as the hands and feet of Jesus. 

There are so many more children waiting, and your gift of £100, £50 or any other amount God leads you to give, keeps you with us on the front lines of rescuing kids like Mercy. You’ll help them recover and begin to heal, and you’ll be with us as we share the hope of Christ and teach them the truths of His Word.

We can hardly believe that the little girl who came to us sad, withdrawn, fearful, and physically weak from all the abuse she endured is now a happy, healthy, jovial young lady. She knows Jesus as her Saviour and has allowed Him to help her forgive those who wronged her. Mercy is using her musical gifts on our praise and worship team, actively sharing the hope inside her with all who will listen.

Mercy is also a hard-working student, and she’s now secured a place in secondary school and wants to prepare for a career helping others in the medical field. She dreams big – and we’re sure there’s nothing she can’t accomplish!

Thank you for making a way for Mercy, and for standing with us this year as we continue the work of rescuing, redeeming, and restoring precious children. Thank you for being right there with us as we feed, educate, and help bring emotional and spiritual healing to each child, one life at a time.

Please, send a generous gift today to help more children like Mercy find love, healing and an eternal family!
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  You can make your gift by credit card today online or by calling 0330 2020275 and providing card details over the phone (most internationally-issued cards).

We also welcome cheques made payable to Kids Alive International International.and posted to:
Kids Alive International International, 45 The Park, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 1DF

Thank you.

Posted on March 11th 2019

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