Help us to help Susan and Irma...

You know the excitement (or dread) our kids face as they begin a new school year. 

But for little girls like Susan and Irma, two young sisters, their “dread” started at home and lasted all year long.  That’s because their father was horribly cruel and their mother ran away, leaving them defenceless.  When the Guatemalan authorities discovered the terrible trauma that these 8 and 11 year olds were suffering, they brought them to our Oasis Centre with only a few clothes and the little bit of money the girls had saved to make their escape.

Today both girls are beginning to heal through the care of our psychologists.  Guatemalan authorities are proceeding to bring their father to justice.  But it will be a long road ahead for Susan and Irma.  Our goal is to help provide whole life healing – physically, mentally and spiritually – for children like these!

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Posted on October 3rd 2012

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