Homeless No More

Mackenson grew up in Mariani, one of the poorest and roughest slums in Haiti. Repeatedly abused by family members, one day he had enough and ran away. But that meant living on the streets, no schooling and finding his own food, every day.

Thankfully Mackenson survived the earthquake on January 12, 2010, but life became even more difficult. He wondered if his family survived but was more afraid of their abuse than not knowing.

Hungry and homeless, he discovered a ministry in the slums that was feeding children. But he still had no safe place to live. 

Then everything changed. Kids Alive Haiti, a Kids Alive International International partner, rescued Mackenson and other children like him. Now these kids had a safe home and loving house parents, good food, clean clothes and were enrolled in school again. Life was good!

But Mackenson wanted to know if his family was safe. On a return trip to Port-au-Prince with Kids Alive Haiti staff, his family was located. They were amazed at the difference in Mackenson. Unable to offer him any care, they urged Mackenson to return to his new home and family with Kids Alive. And that’s exactly what Mackenson wanted to do!

Today, he is growing and thriving — both physically and spiritually in his love for Jesus.

Mackenson says, “Before I was brought  to Kids Alive Haiti I did not go to school or church; I had no food and I had no hope. Now I am learning about God. I go to school and I have a family that loves me...and I love them!"

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Posted on July 24th 2012

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